About us.

Hi, we are Ariella and Mary, Simone co-founders.

We have all experienced bad bosses.

But many of us have experienced something worse - discrimination (race, gender, sexual identity, disability, age etc.), sexual harassment or punishment for speaking up at work, etc. Unfortunately this happens to A LOT of people.

In fact, it happened to us last year.

It was stressful, traumatic, scary, anger-inducing and disappointing.

But then something different happened. Instead of leaving our situations emotionally destroyed and financially drained, we left with better severance, a kick-ass positive attitude and a lot of pride.

How? Well, we got super lucky. We had the support of an army of attorneys, therapists and cheerleaders who helped us get better severance, affirm the validity of our experience and re-build our self-confidence.

Basically, it helps when you’ve got connections and a community, they’re a privilege.

But that’s not good enough. It’s time to make it possible for all employees and workers to access professionals and their skills in a simple, trusted and affordable way.

So we started Simone, because, “If not us, who? If not now, when?

Welcome to Simone, we are delighted and humbled to be working for you.

With love and hope,

Mary + Ariella