Hi, we’re Simone. Here’s a little more about us and why we started this company.

After working with employment lawyers to move on from hostile work environments in a financially sound place, we thought to ourselves: why aren’t more people taking advantage of professionals to help them advance at work or move on to new opportunities? Whether you love your job and want to make more money, or you hate your job and want to get out, there are a lot more options than you may think.

We reflected on our years in the workforce and found that many of our career advances and financial gains came when we had advice and counsel from professionals OUTSIDE of the workplace. We also realized that we were privileged to have that access in the first place.

At the end of the day, we want every person to have resources to make the best decisions for their future. And we want to build a world where relationships between employers and employees are equitable.

We are building a network of professional resources to empower people to build brilliant, successful work lives. We talked to some of the best employment lawyers, therapists, and career coaches out there. They have won cases and secured settlements, served as counsel through sexual harassment experiences, and built paths to promotions and raises in homogeneous or complex environments.

We chose “Simone” as our moniker in honor of the smart, kick-*ss and “difficult” Simones in history - Nina Simone (the singer and activist, who spoke the truth), Simone de Beauvoir (the philosopher who lived her surname meaning “beautiful view”) and Simone Weil (the brilliant philosopher and revolutionary who loved and fought for the working class).